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Branch offices

The Federal Office is represented in all Federal Länder as it has a decentralised structure with 22 Branch offices. The Branch offices implement the asylum policy, coordinate integration in the regions and undertake migration work. The decentralised implementation of the asylum process and the fact that work to promote integration is carried out throughout Germany ensures that lines of communication are kept short.

The Branch office structure ensures that, in each Federal Land, at least one Branch office is in direct contact with all social stakeholders involved in integration work and the protection of refugees. In addition, there are two decentralised specialist sections in Dortmund and Würzburg that provide specialist support to the headquarters in Nuremberg.

branch office M A 2 - Reutlingen

Arbachtalstr. 6
72800 Eningen unter Achalm, Baden-Württemberg
Telephone: 0911 943-17957
Fax: 07121 2417-199
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branch office M A 1 - Karlsruhe

Durlacher Allee 100
76137 Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg
Telephone: 0721 9653 0
Fax: 0911 943-199
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branch office M A 12 - Halberstadt

Friedrich-List-Straße 3
38820 Halberstadt, Sachsen-Anhalt
Telephone: 0911 943-17955
Fax: 03941 676-199
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branch office M C 3 - München

Streitfeldstr. 39
81673 München, Bayern
Telephone: 089 620290
Fax: 0911 943-99 99848
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branch office M C 2 - Zirndorf

Rothenburger Straße 29
90513 Zirndorf, Bayern
Telephone: 0911 943-16610
Fax: 0911 943-16772
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Section 314 - Würzburg

Veitshöchheimer Straße 100
97080 Würzburg, Bayern
Telephone: 0931 9807-0
Fax: 0931 9807-199
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Section M D 6 - Dublin Procedure

Märkische Straße 109
44141 Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Telephone: 0911 943-74755
Fax: 0911 943-9999888
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