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Residence permit granted for the purposes of research

A residence permit will be granted to a foreign researcher for the purposes of research

  1. if the researcher has entered into an effective hosting agreement with a research institute. This institute must be recognised for carrying out the particular authorisation procedure for researchers in the Federal Republic.
  2. if the recognised research institute has undertaken in writing to assume the costs that are incurred by public offices as a result of an unauthorised stay by the researcher in a Member State of the European Union up to six months after the hosting agreement has come to an end.

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This obligation should not be entered into if the activity of the research institute is primarily financed from public funds or if the research project referred to in the hosting agreement is of particular public interest.

A residence permit for researchers is issued for at least one year unless the research project's duration is shorter. The immigration authority in the place where the foreigner is resident is responsible for issuing the residence permit.

The granting of the residence permit for researchers is generally subject to the following conditions:

  1. the foreign national’s means of living is assured,
  2. his/her identity and nationality are declared,
  3. there are no grounds for deportation or an entry ban,
  4. the obligation to hold a passport is fulfilled


  5. the foreign national has entered the country with the required visa.

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For granting a residence permit as defined in sec. 20 of the Residence Act the livelihood of a foreigner is considered to be ensured without further examination if the foreigner has a minimum monthly amount (after deductions) of Euro 1,936,67 (in the old Federal Länder before 1990) or Euro 1,680 monthly (in the new Federal Länder since 1990) at his/her disposal.

If the amounts are below this limit, the entitlement to public benefits has to be checked individually. If there is no entitlement to public benefits, the foreigner's livelihood is considered to be ensured.

Date 1 January 2014