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Bavarian Competence Centre for Deradicalisation

The Network for Prevention and Deradicalisation against Salafism was established all over Bavaria in order to counter the danger of radicalisation. A major pillar of this network is the "Competence Centre for Deradicalisation", which has been established at the Bavarian Land Criminal Police Office (BLKA).

Its primary task is to coordinate deradicalisation activities where possible in order to prevent religiously motivated individuals who are at risk of radicalising, are undergoing a radicalisation process or are already radicalised from harming themselves and others.

The Competence Centre for Deradicalisation is responsible in this context for

  • coordinating facts which indicate where deradicalisation activities could be deployed, focussing on the group of phenomena constituted by Salafism in Bavaria,
  • answering questions posed by public bodies regarding topics related to deradicalisation in Bavaria, including ensuring an exchange of information with partners within the Deradicalisation Network in Bavaria and at national level, as well as cooperation with a civil society organisation which offers and takes on advising and guiding for individuals who are at risk of becoming radicalised, or who are already radicalised.


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