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Prevention and Deradicalisation Advice Network in Hamburg

Governmental and civil society institutions have come together in the Prevention and Deradicalisation Advice Network in Hamburg in order to counter religiously-motivated extremism and anti-Muslim feeling, as well as to develop and implement preventive measures.

The "Prevention and Deradicalisation Advice Network" was established for this purpose on the basis of the Senate’s concept of taking "effective measures against violent Salafism and religious extremism". The members of the network include the authorities which are responsible for labour and integration, child and youth protection, school and vocational training, internal security and justice, as well as the Muslim communities, the Alevi community, prevention project organisations and the Legato advice agency.

A particularly constructive role is played by the Muslim communities. In this context, SCHURA – the Council of Islamic Communities in Hamburg –, the DITIB Land association in Hamburg, the Association of Islamic Cultural Centres, and the Alevi Community in Germany, all contribute their experience and their theological knowledge to the network.

The members of the Network engage in an ongoing exchange on all aspects of religiously-motivated radicalisation and Muslimophobia. They support the development of prevention and intervention concepts and activities, and work together, for instance in awareness-creation and skill-building among specialist teaching staff and in improving cooperation on case work.

The Network also offers a forum for exchange for the many civil society prevention projects, which – partly supported by the Federation’s "Demokratie leben!" ("Live Democracy!") project – trial innovative models to prevent radicalisation and group-related hostility.

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