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Ministry of the Interior and Federal Affairs

The Land Coordination and Advice Centre in Schleswig-Holstein primarily looks after young people who are at risk of undergoing religious radicalisation.

The Centre’s prime goal is to establish an understanding of democracy among children and juveniles, and to break the chain of discrimination and radicalisation. One of its focuses is on preventing Salafism, given that Salafism is currently considered to be the most dynamic Islamist movement.

Staff working for the Land programme support and advise parents, relatives and friends of young people all over the Land who are becoming or have already become radicalised. They also help people who are seeking a way out of the lives which they live in the Salafist scene on their way back to a self-determined life.

They analyse the situation together and seek solutions with the aid of experts.

The tasks of the Land programme also include:

  • creating a public awareness of the topics of Islamophobia and religiously-motivated extremism
  • educational work and political education in schools, youth centres and kindergartens
  • basic and further training of teaching staff
  • Land-wide networking of institutions, authorities and institutions such as Muslim associations, schools or parents’ associations in order to enhance the commitment to civil peace
  • supporting specific projects on the topics of religious extremism and Muslimophobia and Islamophobia, which should be carried out in cooperation with Islamic religious communities and Muslim associations

The Land Coordination and Advice Centre (Land PROvention programme) was established by the Land Government in April 2015. Its organising body is the Turkish Community in Schleswig-Holstein.

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