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The Land “PROvention” Coordination and Advisory Unit against Religiously-Motivated Extremism is funded by the Land in Schleswig-Holstein and implemented by the project’s organisers, the Turkish Community in Schleswig-Holstein e. V.

The overall concept is one of prevention, intervention and networking; the project pursues the following main goals:

• Advice to affected family members of radicalised individuals.

• Prevention and interruption of radicalisation through advice and assistance services.

• Those in need of advice are to be enabled to recognise and assess actual threats, as well as solving problems themselves.

• Exit assistance.

• Implementation of workshops on topics concerned with Islam, Islamophobia and Islamism in schools and youth facilities.

• Imparting background knowledge regarding religiously-motivated extremism, its contents, structures and recruitment strategies in lectures, symposia and further training sessions.

• Networking the authorities, institutions and initiatives concerned, promoting an exchange between specialists and supporting regional prevention projects.


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