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We are here for you

Call us. The Advice Centre on Radicalisation will help you ...

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… if you are unsure whether your child’s or friend’s new world view is a profound expression of faith or extremism,
… if you are worried that your child, pupil or friend has joined a radical Islamist group,
… if you are worried about losing contact with the young person,
… if you don’t feel that you can talk to anyone about it,
... if you are desperate or if you have questions about the young person’s new religion or orientation.

It is our aim to help you come to an accurate assessment of the situation, and if there is a danger of radicalisation, to get the young person out of the spiral of radicalisation and back to their family, their school class and their friends.

Our hotline staff:

  • will discuss a variety of points with you which have been found to play a role in radicalisation. Even if a large number of these points apply, these are still only indications that he or she might be veering towards radicalisation. There are however only a few aspects which clearly show that your son, friend or pupil is in danger. It is always a combination of a large number of different factors which cannot be clearly judged in a first talk session.
  • will also provide you with information on radicalisation.
  • can directly put you in touch with a local counsellor. You can leave your contact details with us for this purpose and so that we can send you information material.

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The counselling service is provided free of charge for all callers at all times.

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Advice Centre on Radicalisation

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