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Advice Centre on Radicalisation

Parents, relatives, friends and teachers are frequently the first people who notice that a young person is becoming radicalised. At the same time, they are also the last with whom they remain in contact despite becoming more and more isolated.

Those concerned frequently withdraw from their previous social setting altogether and refuse to permit any “interference”. This makes friends, and particularly parents, unsure as to what to do: What does this withdrawal mean?

The team at the Advice Centre on Radicalisation is your first port of call if you have the impression that your child, friend or school pupil is turning towards a radical Islamist group. Please call us, no matter what questions you may have

The staff at the “Advice Centre on Radicalisation” at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees are your first port of call and can really provide practical assistance:

  • They can give you answers to frequently-asked questions, and can provide you with an initial overview of the problems faced.
  • They can find you assistance services close to you.
  • They can point you to a suitable agency for individual, personal advice and assistance.
  • They can establish direct contact with specialists in all fields.
  • They establish contact with other people affected in a similar situation and/or self-help initiatives.

We listen to you, answer your questions and decide with you as to what should happen next. Should you so wish, we can provide you with a local contact to advise you personally as well as helping with practical tips on how to deal with your child, friend or pupil.

Background information

The "Advice Centre on Radicalisation" was set up at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees on 1 January 2012, and can be approached by anyone who is worried about the radicalisation of a relative or acquaintance and has questions on this topic. 

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Advice Centre on Radicalisation

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Cover of the Brochure: Faith or extremism?

Brochure: Faith or extremism?

The Federal Office brochure entitled "Faith or extremism" provides information on the services offered by the advice centre on radicalisation at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

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