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Doctoral programme

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees would like to make it possible for committed doctoral candidates to become familiar with the work of a government research facility directly related to the Federal Republic's political immigration practice, alongside their dissertation work.

The Federal Office supports young academics in their doctoral projects

In order to support young academics, the Federal Office is offering particularly well-qualified doctoral candidates the opportunity to work in its research departments. Since the Immigration Act came into effect on 1 January 2005, the Federal Office has had the task of carrying out academic research into migration issues (accompanying research) to acquire analytical evidence for the management of immigration.

The doctoral programme is aimed at doctoral candidates who would like to combine acquiring professional experience with completion of their dissertation. The subject of the dissertation will be closely related to a project on the Federal Office's research agenda.

The doctoral programme has proved its worth and was expanded to three doctoral posts at the end of 2009.

Application conditions

The doctoral programme is aimed at university graduates in:

  • Social sciences/sociology
  • Political science
  • Islamic studies
  • History, or
  • Political economics/economics

Candidates must have proven knowledge of migration and integration research. The respective advertisement will include the subject area to be covered by the dissertation and other conditions.

Conditions for the doctoral programme

  • The doctoral post is restricted to 3 years.
  • You will work for half the normal weekly working time in accordance with payment group 13 of the TVöD (wage agreement for the public sector).
  • You will study at a university of your choice with a supervisor qualified in the area of your dissertation.
  • Writing your dissertation is not included within the remit of the job. The dissertation may not be written during working hours.
  • You will work at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in the area of accompanying research, contributing to the methodological design and implementation of academic projects.
  • During your period of service you will be managed by an experienced academic at the Federal Office who will act as a tutor.
  • You will be managed and supported by the Federal Office throughout the three-year programme. You may attend a series of continuing education programmes in which professional knowledge and skills will be taught.
  • The candidate's doctoral dissertation may be published in the Federal Office's series of research reports if the subject is suitable and the quality is of a high enough standard.
Date 1 January 2017

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