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Dual studies

Open-minded, committed applicants wanted!

The Federal Office is looking for committed applicants who are interested in dual studies leading to graduation in public management, majoring in information science in public administration (University of Applied Sciences [Fachhochschule] level). Should you opt for this course of studies, you will subsequently work to support the administration, for instance by developing, setting up and operating the IT infrastructure of the individual authorities. Amongst other things, you will take on the planning, management and monitoring of IT projects and supervise the implementation and development of specialist IT procedures.

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The course of studies

The dual studies will prepare you for the start of your career in a focussed and practical manner. The three-year course of studies will be taught at the Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences and carried out in Brühl/Rhineland and in Münster. You will cover the theoretical fundamentals during a total of 24 months, interrupted by two practical phases lasting six months each in the appointing authorities. The course of studies will be offered from August of each year.

The important content elements of the course include:

  • the fundamentals of eGovernment
  • the fundamentals of database systems
  • operating systems
  • IT security
  • the fundamentals of programming, and much more.

Since you will be primarily deployed in the authority at the crossovers between the administration and IT, the curriculum of the study course will include items such as economic sciences and general administrative law, as well as constitutional law, European law, civil law and civil service law, as well as social sciences and management concepts in the federal administration.

Prerequisites for appointment

The first prerequisite is to have attained a higher education entrance qualification (Fachhochschulreife or Hochschulreife) or an equivalent educational qualification. Additionally, you should have basic knowledge of how to use modern information technology and a broad interest in its management. You should also be able to think mathematically and analytically and have social skills and be flexible and mobile, etc.

You must satisfy the criteria of section 7 of the Federal Public Service Act (Bundesbeamtengesetz) for appointment as a public servant.

Date 4 June 2014

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