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Intercultural skills

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees carries out seminars to train all employees in issues of intercultural sensitivity.

The Federal Office's tasks require a high level of intercultural skills. For this reason, training sessions in intercultural skills have been an integral part of training for Federal Office staff since 2003. In 2009, interested employees at the Federal Office participated in a course to qualify as intercultural trainers. Since January 2010, seminars in intercultural sensitivity have been carried out by these newly qualified trainers for all Federal Office employees.

Seminars for intercultural sensitivity

The aim of the training is to promote intercultural skills, enabling the Federal Office's employees to differentiate between cultural perceptions, to recognise patterns of interpretation, and to identify and respect culturally defined behaviour. The staff should then be in a position to actively put into practice specific aspects of their intercultural skills in their daily work.

Date 9 May 2011

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