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In setting up a trusted network, the Prevention and Cooperation Clearing Point (CLS) has acted as an intermediary between the security authorities of the Länder, mosque associations and the vast majority of Muslim umbrella organisations.

To date more than 200 contacts have been named by the authorities and Muslim organisations. The exact figures are available to all interested parties in the database on this website.

The aim of the Prevention and Cooperation Clearing Point is to further expand the existing network of contacts. This network is a crucial tool in supporting the valuable collaboration of the partners in this dialogue.

Based on past experience, personal local contacts are extremely valuable, and so it is therefore hoped that a tight-knit network will extend to local level. This is an ongoing task that does not, however, prevent us from providing the data that is already available.

Who are the contacts?

The contacts are based at security authorities, Muslim associations and mosque communities.

The security authorities have already specified mainly what are referred to as function addresses. This is because the details given could not be kept up to date with frequent changes in staff. According to their representatives, however, there is the guarantee of reaching a skilled and informed contact using the specified addresses or contact details.

The Muslim associations and mosque communities have specified contacts whose functions may be entirely different. Contacts in these cases may be members of a community board, the imam of the Muslim community or a voluntary dialogue spokesperson of a Muslim umbrella organisation. All of the above have one thing in common. They have already been involved in dialogue in the past and would like to take on the tasks of a being a contact in the future.

What are a contact's tasks?

The contact's tasks are in particular:

  • supporting communication amongst those involved in the dialogue
  • being involved in the planning of (dialogue) events and implementing these
  • informing the public about the dialogue in the capacity of a multiplier
  • being a contact point for people who have run into problems with integration.

The CLS team

Date 18 January 2011

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