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Counselling for family members

The "Advice centre on radicalisation" was set up at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees on 1 January 2012 and can be approached by all individuals who are concerned about the radicalisation of a family member or acquaintance and have questions regarding this topic.


The hotline can be reached on

Tel. (0911) 943 43 43 (manned Mo-Fr 9 a.m.-3 p.m., otherwise we will be glad to call you back)



The background:

Parents, family members, friends and teachers are frequently the first to notice the radicalisation of a young person and at the same time the last with whom he/she keeps in touch despite becoming increasingly isolated. Professional advice is now available in order to offer optimum support to such individuals in their difficult situation, and hence to be able to deal jointly with the radicalisation of a person who is close to them.

Federal Minister of the Interior Dr. Friedrich confirmed at the “Prevention Summit”, which was held on 24 June 2011, that he would work together with Muslims to resolutely combat the radicalisation of juveniles and adolescents by Islamist groups. The Advice centre is a major element of this endeavour.

It is those most frequently in touch who generally notice most rapidly if their son, pupil, friend or fellow club member suddenly changes their religious position or indeed their entire world view, increasingly withdraws from their previous environment and past and joins a radical spectrum, permitting themselves more and more to be led by ideologies which cannot be reconciled with the principles of a freedom-based democratic state based on the rule of law.

Those concerned frequently very much withdraw from their previous environments and cease to permit any “interference”. This leads to insecurities among friends, but particularly among parents: Their dilemma is that, whilst they may welcome their child becoming more religious, they are at the same time concerned that their child might get in with the “wrong set” and they would lose touch with him/her. In particular non-Muslim parents whose children have converted to Islam ask themselves a great deal of questions as regards Islam as a religion.

It is important and necessary to obtain professional advice in this regard. There is a need to recognise and accept the problem as such, to answer urgent questions and finally to find paths to counter the process of radicalisation.

The "Advice centre on radicalisation" at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees is closely linked with various counselling facilities and has access to contacts and networks for the specific topics related to all fields. It offers targeted assistance by

  • acting as a first point of call, answering frequent questions and providing information on the problems in the sense of an initial overview,
  • placing information online and providing it in personal conversations regarding the assistance that is available,
  • offering personal advice and guidance in individual cases and placing candidates in the hands of a suitable agency,
  • establishing direct contact with specialists in all areas, and
  • making contact with others concerned in similar situations and/or self-help initiatives.

The services provided by the Advice centre are provided free of charge for all citizens.

Date 9 January 2012

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