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The Prevention and Cooperation Clearing Point (CLS) has found numerous experts in dialogue events and specialist conferences and recruited them to participate in the security dialogue.

It is notable that all the people approached have agreed to take part in the dialogue in the capacity of experts. This means that they are, in principle, depending on their other commitments, available for dialogue events and specialist conferences.

In the past, we have seen that there is a nationwide need for such experts in (dialogue) events. Over time, the Prevention and Cooperation Clearing Point has taken on an intermediary role and has been able to rely on the existing pool of experts for numerous events.

Who are the experts?

The group of experts is made up of Islamic studies experts, constitutional experts and other lawyers, police offices, police counsellors, Muslims (from associations and in an independent capacity), journalists and authors.

The specialist areas range from forced marriages, honour killings, the traditional concept of honour and building mosques to intercultural skills and "Islamic community life" to the German Islam Conference.

The CLS team

Date 18 January 2011

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