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Putting people first: providing security, creating opportunities, embracing change


The Prevention and Cooperation Clearing Point (CLS) has put together several sample projects. These are exclusively projects carried out by and with partners in the security dialogue.

Several of these achieved success in the Integration Prize 2010 organised by the German Islam Conference.

In contrast to events, projects take place over a longer period and often involve a great deal of time and effort.

And here, too, imagination knows no bounds.

The idea behind publication is to set an example, in the belief that good projects need not be one-offs or restricted to a specific region.

A further principle that applies with this documentation is that local conditions have to be taken into account – as is also the case with examples of events.

The documents also provide details of the financial expenses associated with such projects. Funding options are also listed. It is possible to make contact with the project managers.

Please note that detailed information about the sample projects is only available in the German section of our website.

The CLS team

Date 18 January 2011

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