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Prevention and Cooperation Clearing Point

Clearing Point supports exchange between security authorities and Muslims

Mutual trust and knowledge about each other are the basis for police authorities and Muslim organisations working well together in Germany. This is why there is a 'clearing point' based at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to support exchanges between the two parties.

The Prevention and Cooperation Clearing Point (CLS) was founded as the result of a resolution made by the German Islam Conference (DIK). The Clearing Point operates throughout Germany in a coordinating capacity. Its objective is to provide an overview of all projects in Germany working with security authorities and Muslims. In addition the clearing point helps with implementing these projects. This means that it creates the basis for effective teamwork between police authorities at Federal and Land level and mosque associations.

The following tasks have been officially transferred to the Clearing Point:

  • supporting the setting up of a nationwide network of contacts for security authorities and Muslims
  • providing experts for dialogue events and for information exchange
  • supporting training and further training projects sponsored by the security authorities
  • supporting information programmes offered by the security authorities to Muslims
  • helping with drawing up information materials
  • being contacts for interested members of the public 

The point of having dialogue with Muslims in Germany is to understand one another in issues relevant to living harmoniously together. The task of the Clearing Point is to provide a nationwide overview of the dialogue that already exists. In addition it should provide suggestions and examples that support this dialogue across Länder boundaries. This makes the Clearing Point's teamwork between Muslims and the security authorities and the resulting outcomes accessible and clear to the public. 

We are grateful for suggestions and information on examples of how to implement the dialogue.

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