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European Migration Network
National Contact Point for Germany
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The Structure

A network of National Contact Points

The EMN is coordinated by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairswith support from a  service provider. They  work together with the National Contact Points of the EU Member States. The EMN’s Contact Points meet regularly at European level, network with other European institutions and organisations, and work together with them. The EMN consists of 28 Contact Points represented in all participating Member States, as well as Norway. Denmark has observer status.

The National Contact Points are nominated by the Governments of the Member States, so that this function is carried out by different agencies in the various countries. These are frequently the Ministry of Justice or of the Interior or migration authorities, but research institutes , universities  or the national body  of an international organisation if they have the necessary expertise to deal with the multifaceted aspects of migration and asylum. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees performs the function of the EMN’s National Contact Point for Germany.

A Steering Board sets the EMN’s strategic guidelines and approves Annual Work Programmes following a consultation of the EMN NCPs.  The Steering Board is composed of one representative from each Member State and one representative of the Commission.

To exchange information on current and future activities, the BAMF als EMN contact point maintains contact with universities, research institutes, international organisations, government agencies and individual persons. It also organises conferences and workshops in Germany.

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Kofinanziert durch die Europäische Union

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