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EMN Glossary - latest version

To develop a standard usage of terms in migration

Development of uniform usage in asylum and migration

The Asylum and Migration Glossary is one of the key products of the European Migration Network (EMN), and provides definitions of terms relating to asylum and migration, with the aim of promoting a common understanding in the European Union through the consistent use of terms and definitions, and thereby improving comparability between EU Member States. Since its first edition was released in January 2010, the Glossary has been increasingly used throughout the European Commission’s Migration, Home Affairs and Justice spheres, thus contributing to the development of common terminology and definitions in Union legislation, as well as in practical application by the EU Member States.

The Glossary focuses on legal terms and concepts taken from the EU acquis on asylum and migration. Additionally, the Glossary takes into account concepts from demographic, sociological and economic contexts. Furthermore, developments in the external dimension are increasingly being included, as are terms that are relevant to practical cooperation within asylum and migration.

The Glossary contains a definition for each term indicating the source. All terms are translated into all languages of EU Member States (+ Norway, but not including Denmark). The Glossary furthermore contains a large number of cross-references between terms (synonyms, broader and narrower terms, related terms); hyperlinks enable rapid navigation between the terms and the underlying sources. Where necessary, the terms contain extensive notesexplanations of the terminology used in different disciplines, or of deviations in the international or national context. The notes also contain up-to-date information and/or links to websites containing additional information.

Regularly updated by the EMN’s Glossary and Thesaurus Working Group

The Glossary is regularly updated by the EMN’s Glossary and Thesaurus Working Group. The latest complete revision (version 6.0) was published in May 2018, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the EMN. It contains almost 470 terms as per March 2018, and takes into account all new terms that have been introduced since the publication of the European Agenda on Migration of May 2015 through new legislation or policies in the EU. In addition, the new edition contains updates and revisions of existing terms.

The EMN Glossary is available in several editions. The most recent version is the English version, which is accessible as an interactive online version via the EMN website. It can also be downloaded there as a printable PDF version.

Given that it is a translation of the previous English version 5.0, the German edition is not quite as up-to-date and comprehensive. It contains more than 440 terms with definitions and explanations, and reflects the level of information of December 2016. It was created as a co-production between the National Contact Points of Austria, Luxembourg and Germany, can be downloaded as a printable PDF version via the German EMN, and has also been published as a printed version.

Date 27 August 2018

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Co-Financed by the European Union

Co-Financed by the European Union
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EMN Glossary 6.0 "Asylum and Migration"

The purpose of the glossary is to provide common definitions and understanding of terms in the field of asylum and migration.

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