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EMN Glossary

To develop a standard usage of terms in migration

The Glossary of the European Migration Network (EMN) aims to improve the understanding of the definitions and terms that it contains from the fields of asylum and migration in order to promote the uniform use of specialist terms. It is therefore not only to be used in the EMN in future, but also in the EU’s entire Justice and Home Affairs sphere to develop standard terms and definitions in the EU’s directives.

A definition stating the source is provided with each term, and all terms are translated into all the languages of the EU Member States (+ Norway, but not Denmark). The Glossary also contains a large number of relations between terms (synonyms, superordinate and subordinate concepts, related terms); hyperlinks make it possible to navigate rapidly between the terms and the underlying sources. Where necessary, the terms are accompanied by explanations of the terminology in a variety of specialist disciplines or of deviations that occur in an international or national context. The instructions for use also contain up-to-date information and links to websites with further information.

Constant updating by the EMN’s Glossary working party

The Glossary is regularly updated by the EMN’s Glossary and Thesaurus working party; the most recent full-scale revision (Version 3.0) was completed in October 2014. This edition can be accessed as a printable PDF version on the EMN’s website. The Glossary was updated and expanded again in 2015, in particular to include terms from the context of the European Agenda on Migration. The Glossary now contains almost 400 terms, concentrating on legal terms and concepts from the EU acquis, as well as taking into account terms from the demographic, sociological and economic context. 100 new terms have been included since the most recent edition; 120 terms have been completely revised by virtue of the revision of the core directives in the field of asylum.

The new version (4.0) of the Glossary is only available in English and online via the EMS’s website (see link in the right-hand column). You can also use the English-language version interactively on the pages of the European Commission (see link below).

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Co-Financed by the European Union

Co-Financed by the European Union
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EMN Glossary

The purpose of the glossary is to provide common definitions and understanding of terms in the field of asylum and migration.

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