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Research mandate

The Federal Office is responsible for conducting academic research into migration and integration issues. In accordance with the core tasks of the Federal Office, the research center observes migration to and from Germany and analyses the effects of migration processes. The results are used for migration management and political consultancy.

In accordance with the core tasks of the Federal Office, migration to and from Germany is observed, the effects of migration processes are analysed, and findings that can be used to manage migration are produced.

Research areas

Research supports the process of integration of foreign nationals and ethnic German repatriates, and contributes to the further development of integration measures at federal level.

Further research areas include the economic effects of immigration, the link between migration and demographic change, and also global migration.

Research pursues an interdisciplinary approach that takes into consideration such disciplines as economics, political science, sociology, geography, religious studies and demography.

Terms of reference for research

The terms of reference of research in the Federal Office can be summarised under the terms of analysis, evaluation and advice.

Analysis: The migration and integration processes in Germany are observed and described with data evidence.

Evaluation: The measures used to manage migration and support integration are evaluated.

Advice: The knowledge acquired serves to advise politicians and is being integrated into the management of migration and integration.

The research group in the Federal Office works with academic institutions in Germany and abroad to fulfil these tasks. As the central state office for issues concerning migration and integration research, it contributes to a transfer of information between academia, administration, policy-makers, industry and the public.

The work of the research group has been documented in annual activity reports since 2008.

Date 7 September 2011

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