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Research projects focusing on integration

The focus is on the description and analysis of the social developments caused by integration in Germany. In addition, contributions to its development are made by evaluating integration support measures (e.g. integration courses).

Implementation of studies and surveys

Projects covering the following topics are dealt with:

  • implementing quantitative and qualitative studies about the integration of specific target groups (e.g. female migrants, Muslims, refugees, imams),
  • implementing representative questionnaires to evaluate integration measures (e.g. integration panel)
  • implementing quantitative and qualitative studies focusing on specific aspects of integration (e.g. naturalisation behaviour).

Reporting on integration

Another focal point is constituted by integration reporting on the basis of the evaluation of official data and business statistics, of data from own surveys as well as of data from other research institutions (analysis of secondary data).

There are the following foci of investigation:

  • describing and analysing the integration status of various migrant groups
  • monitoring reporting on integration
  • developing integration indicators

IAB-BAMF-SOEP Refugee Survey

Status ongoing

The IAB-BAMF-SOEP Refugee Survey is an annual survey in which roughly 4,500 displaced persons are repeatedly interviewed regarding their living situation in Germany. Respondents are persons who entered Germany between  January 2013 and December 2016 and filed an asylum application,  as well as members of their households. The personal interviews of the second wave of the survey are conducted from June 2017 to the beginning of 2018. First results based on the first wave of the survey in 2016 are available.

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Evaluation of the Integration Courses

Status ongoing

The project "Evaluation of the integration courses (EvIk)" analyses the impact of the integration courses, focussing on the attendee group of refugees in particular. It takes legal amendments and administrative adjustments into account that have been carried out lately.

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Muslim Life in Germany 2019

Status ongoing

Muslim life in Germany is highly diverse. Especially in recent years, the composition of the Muslim population has changed due to immigration. In order to gain up-to-date knowledge about the Muslim population living in Germany, the Research Centre of the Federal Office is conducting the project "Muslim Life in Germany 2019 (MLD 2019)". A total of 5,200 people will be interviewed as part of this project

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The integration of refugees in rural areas

Status ongoing

The combined qualitative-quantitative research project evaluates the essential factors for successful refugee integration processes in rural areas.

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Representative survey 2015

Status ongoing

Turkish and Polish nationals, as well as – for the first time – Romanian nationals, are being surveyed in Germany as part of the representative survey on “Selected groups of migrants in Germany” (RAM 2015). Furthermore, Germans with a Turkish migration background are being interviewed.

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Status ongoing

The research project studies the progress in integration made by refugees in special need of protection who were resettled in Germany as part of the resettlement programme.

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Success biographies of female migrants

Status completed

This project analysed the factors influencing and strategies used by female immigrants to achieve success at work.

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Integration course participant survey

Status completed

For this project, a survey of attendees was carried out on 100 integration courses selected at random.

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Residence Allocation Act

Status completed

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees is investigating the impact of the Residence Allocation Act on ethnic German repatriates, as well as on local government.

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Immigrants from Russia and the other CIS states

Status completed

This project studied the motives for immigration and integration progress of migrants from Russia and the other CIS states, and of Jewish immigrants in particular.

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