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Research mandate

The Federal Office is responsible for conducting academic research into migration and integration issues. In accordance with the core tasks of the Federal Office, the research center observes migration to and from Germany and analyses the effects of migration processes. The results are used for migration management and political consultancy.

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Research Topics

The research group of the Federal Office conducts several research projects on migration and integration-related topics. In doing so, the effects of migration processes on the society are above all explored.

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Research results

In the context of research projects on migration and integration-related topics, research results are published consistently.

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Research Associates

About 25 research associates are involved in research projects carried out by the Federal Office. A listing of the research associates as well as the results of their research works for the Federal Office can be found here.

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Academic Advisory Council

The Academic Advisory Council to the Federal Office offers advice and supports the research carried out by the Federal Office.

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Cooperation on research

To perform its tasks, the Research Centre works together with scientific facilities and other institutions at home and abroad.

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Wichtige Mitteilung

Fraud Phone Calls!

The Federal Office has been informed that individuals are once more being threatened by anonymous callers. The callers claim to be employees of the Federal Office and threaten deportation unless a specific sum of money is paid. Please be aware that such calls are not made by the federal office. For your safety: Please try not to give or confirm any personal details when you receive such a call. Never pay money to blackmailers.


Fraud Phone Calls