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Working basis for asylum procedures

Analysis departments provide key information on countries of origin

A change of government, social conflicts or the upholding of human rights in a country of origin – these and many other factors play a key role in asylum procedures. With this in mind, the "Analysis of Islamic countries of origin" and "Analysis of non-Islamic countries of origin" departments investigate the situation in migrants’ countries of origin and in transit countries.

Both of these analysis departments provide country-specific information on such issues as current political changes, as a result of elections for example. They also provide a description of the general situation in a country, covering aspects such as geography, history, the state structure, the ethnic and religious make-up of the population and the economic situation.

Key components of this information include problem areas such as social conflicts, the human rights situation and the treatment of minorities and social groups. The information is not just restricted to individual states but often aims to provide a more general view of the situation in another part of the world.

The findings of the analysis departments form a key basis for the work carried out in asylum procedures as well as for the work of those Federal Office departments responsible for repatriation, migration and integration. Authorities working with foreign nationals, ministries and administrative courts are all recipients of reports from the analysis departments.

Date 10 May 2011

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