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The revocation and withdrawal procedures

The law requires the Federal Office to revoke the recognition of entitlement to asylum and the award of refugee status if the preconditions for them no longer apply.

This is the case for instance if the persecution situation has permanently changed or become inapplicable and those concerned would no longer face danger should they return.

The possibility of revocation must furthermore be examined if there are reasons for not qualifying. These are:

  • a war crime or a serious non-political criminal offence outside Germany,
  • a breach of the goals and principles of the United Nations,
  • a risk to the security of the Federal Republic of Germany, or
  • a felony (Verbrechen) or a particularly serious misdemeanour (Vergehen) for which an individual has been finally sentenced to imprisonment.

The protection status is to be withdrawn if it was granted on the basis of incorrect information or failure to reveal essential facts.

The Federal Office examines after three years at most within the "standard assessment" whether the preconditions for revocation or withdrawal are satisfied.

It only forwards the result of this assessment to the responsible immigration authority if the preconditions for the revocation or withdrawal of protection status apply.

Even if there has been no revocation or withdrawal within the standard assessment, subsequent revocation of the protection status is not out of the question.

It is however the respective immigration authority which decides on the continued residence.

Hervorhebung_Gesetzgebung: The legal basis

The legal basis regarding the revocation procedure is contained in sections 73 et seqq. of the Asylum Act (Asylgesetz – AsylG) as well as in Procedures Directive 2013/32/EU of 26 June 2013.


Verfahrensrichtlinie 2013/32/EU

Date 1 October 2016

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