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Initial Distribution of Asylum-Seekers (EASY)

Asylum-seekers are first of all received in the closest reception facilities of the Federal Land in question. Such a facility may be responsible for temporary as well as longer-term accommodation.

Allocation to a specific reception facility is decided according to the current capacities. It also makes a difference in which branch office of the Federal Office or in which arrival centre the respective country of origin of the asylum-seeker is processed: The "competence according to country of origin" principle is applied. Depending on the country of origin, asylum-seekers can be accommodated in reception facilities for up to six months, or until their application is decided on. They can also be allocated to another facility during this period under certain circumstances, for instance for family reunification.

EASY - The quota system for fair distribution

The EASY quota system (Initial Distribution of Asylum-Seekers) is orientated in line with the "Königstein Key". The distribution quota is calculated on an annual basis by the Federation-Länder Commission, and determines what share of asylum-seekers are received by each Federal Land. This ensures suitable, fair distribution among the Federal Länder.

The distribution quotas for 2018 are as follows:

Mecklenburg-West Pomerania2,00161%
Lower Saxony9,36559%
North Rhine-Westphalia21,14355%
Date 6 November 2018

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