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Arrival centres

The arrival centres are the central entry point when it comes to the asylum procedure. It is in the arrival centres that all the steps are carried out which are necessary for the asylum procedure. This includes the medical examination by the Länder, the recording of the personal data and the identity check, the application, the interview and the Federal Office’s decision on the asylum application, as well as the initial advice on access to the labour market by the local Employment Agency.
Integrated refugee management is used to store the processes of the authorities involved – from registration in the respective Federal Land, examining the state of health through to the notice on the decision – in a nationwide core data system, and hence to improve cooperation.

The cluster procedure

The Federal Office has reduced the duration of the procedure for individuals from specific countries of origin to only a few weeks since the summer of 2015 by applying a systematic cluster procedure. This concentrates on breaking asylum-seekers down into four groups before they file their applications. In order to allow them to be precisely categorised, criteria are established according to the country of origin, the level of complexity expected to be encountered in processing the application and the route travelled.

Interviews have been processed for older cases in the arrival centres since the summer of 2016 as well as processing new applications. This reduces the strain on the branch offices in the respective regions.

Hervorhebung_Quelle: Clusters A to D

Cluster A: Countries of origin with a high protection rate (from 50% upwards)

Cluster B: Countries of origin with a low protection rate (up to 20%)

Cluster C: Complex profiles

Cluster D: Dublin cases

Integration courses and access to the labour market

Asylum-seekers are counselled whilst their applications are being processed with regard to attending the Federal Office’s integration courses where they live.

They also receive advice on the potential for access to the labour market. Counsellors from the Federal Employment Agency collect the applicants’ personal data on the spot in the arrival centres. These data are then available to the employment agencies and job centres all over the country.

Date 1 October 2016

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Integrated refugee management

A new explanatory film introduces the "Integrated refugee management" concept of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).