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Obtain information easily about the many different integration programmes in your area with town plans and maps. The Federal Office will support you in your search for suitable programmes.

The Federal Office uses a web-based geo information system (Web-Gis) with interactive maps to assist its work in the area of integration.

Using interactive maps and clearly arranged lists of results

The comprehensive search options and the provision of information are based on interactive maps and lists of results. This allows addresses of institutions to be found close to the enquirer's location or within a specific radius. In addition, it is possible to establish the current status of the integration courses offered and the responsibilities assigned to local immigration offices and advisory offices.

Functionalities that can be used include a search by postcode, navigation on the map, measurement of distances and map-based selection of objects such as

  • immigrant advisory offices
  • integration courses
  • integration projects
  • repatriation advisory offices
  • local immigration offices
  • the Federal Office’s regional branches
  • regional co-ordinators

The Web-Gis is intended to ensure a constant flow of information to local immigration offices, integration course providers and all other offices involved with integration measures throughout Germany.

The geo components based on the UMN map server open source software directly access the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy's (BKG) geodata to set up the town and maps. Users will not be aware of the co-operation between the two Federal agencies. The exchange of data takes place unseen beneath a standardised portal interface based on the web map and web feature services (WMS and WFS) in accordance with the specification of the GDI-DE.

Date 19 September 2011

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