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Information database for Sport and Integration (ISI)

The ISI Information database for Sport and Integration gives information about integration programmes run by sports clubs and associations. It is primarily aimed at people with an immigrant background and at sports clubs and associations.

  • Immigrants can research information about the various integrative sports programmes in their immediate vicinity.
  • Sports clubs have the opportunity to present themselves and their programme both locally and throughout the country with an entry in the database.

In addition, the database also supports networking. Organisations involved in the area of integration and sport, for example, sports clubs and associations, voluntary welfare organisations and immigrant-run organisations, can find out about programmes and potential co-operation partners via the database and use it to combine resources, and to exchange knowledge and experiences with each other and to work together.

Sports clubs can enter their programmes in the database using password-protected access. Programmes can be researched using the Web-GIS geo information system.

To input sports programmes: The log in page for sports clubs: ISI-Login

Researching sports programmes using the geo information system: WebGIS

Date 19 September 2011

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