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Refugee women in Germany: language, education and employment

Date 12 April 2017
type brief analysis

The BAMF’s Research Centre has presented a new brief analysis of the situation facing refugee women in Germany, linking research findings  with data obtained from administrative statistics. The results reveal that refugee women are highly motivated when it comes to participation in society, but that they need special support because of "initial disadvantages".

Family Reunification of third-country nationals in Germany

Date 22 March 2017
Order number FFWP73
type Survey

The study provides an overview of the legal stipulations, the scope and the challenges of the family reunification of third-country nationals with third-country nationals living in Germany.

EMN Bulletin Nr. 17

Date 1 March 2017
type report

A Report from the European Migration Network for the period October to December 2016.

Learn German – for the future of your family

Date 16 February 2017
type Flyer

Parents' Integration Course for Immigrants

Elternintegrationskurse für Zuwanderinnen und Zuwanderer

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How to: Learn German quickly and successfully

Date 24 January 2017
Order number FFWP72
type Working paper

The study serves to round off the research project entitled "Explaining differences in second language acquisition", and presents relevant factors influencing second language acquisition, which are put to the test in empirical terms in a secondary data analysis carried out by the BAMF’s integration panel.

Aspects of the integration of Romanian and Polish nationals who have immigrated to Germany

Date 29 December 2016
type brief analysis

The BAMF’s sixth Brief Analysis studies aspects of the integration of Romanian and Polish nationals who have immigrated to Germany. 1,250 individuals were included in the representative survey regarding their language knowledge, qualifications and labour market participation.

How many Muslims live in Germany?

Date 14 December 2016
Order number FFWP71
type Working paper

The study (WP 71) presents an extrapolation of the number of Muslims. The result is that between 4.4 and 4.7 million Muslim men and women were living in Germany on 31 December 2015. Accordingly, out of a total of 82.2 million inhabitants, between 5.4 and 5.7 percent belong to the Muslim faith. The extrapolation was carried out by the Research Centre of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees on behalf of the German Islam Conference.