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EMN Inform: Determining labour shortages and the need for migration labour from third countries in the EU

Date 23 June 2016
type Survey

This EMN Inform summarises the main findings of the EMN Synthesis Report "Determining labour shortages and the need for migration labour from third countries in the EU"

The German Basic Law

Date 14 June 2016
type Booklet

The Federal Office would like to use the new brochure to help immigrants and refugees understand just how vital the Basic Law – that is the German Constitution – is, and how it is lived out in everyday life using simple language.

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2015 Annual Report of the Research Centre

Date 9 June 2016
Order number FFJB15
type Booklet

The Annual Report of the Migration, Integration and Asylum Research Centre offers a comprehensive overview of the main projects and results achieved in 2015.

The social structure, level of qualification and employment of asylum applicants

Date 24 May 2016
type brief analysis

The third edition of the BAMF’s brief analyses evaluates the data on the social components of adult-age first asylum applicants and provides information on their social structure, schooling, employment and language knowledge.

Migration decisions of resettled African refugees

Date 29 April 2016
type brief analysis

The second edition of the BAMF’s brief analyses deals with the migration decisions, routes and destinations of refugees with African nationalities who were admitted to Germany within the resettlement programme.

EMN Bulletin Nr. 14

Date 24 April 2016
type report

A Report from the European Migration Network for the period January to March 2016.

Opportunities to change the residence title and the purpose of stay in Germany

Date 29 March 2016
Order number FFWP67
type Working paper

Every year thousands of immigrants change their residence title and purpose of stay, be it as they change from vocational training into employment, because they get married or due to an application for asylum. The new EMN study documents the various requirements, consequences and exclusion criteria for a status change.

Support Measures for Beneficiaries of Protection. Promoting their Integration into the Labour Market

Date 23 March 2016
Order number FFWP66
type Working paper

The study examines integration and labour market related measures which aim at securing the livelihood of beneficiaries of protection in Germany.