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Unaccompanied minors in Germany

Date 16 December 2014
Order number FFWP60
type Working paper

Working Paper 60 the basics governing the way in which the State deals with unaccompanied minors in Germany. 6,584 unaccompanied minors were taken into care by the youth welfare offices in 2013 alone.

Immigration from the new EU member states Bulgaria and Romania

Date 5 December 2014
type Research report

For the first time, in the Research Report 24, immigration from Bulgaria and Romania is studied in detail based on an analysis of the relevant facts and figures. One of the main areas covered is how migration between the EU member states has developed over the course of the economic and financial crisis and as the labour market has been opened up.

The German Asylum Procedure

Date 19 November 2014
type Booklet

An accompanying broschure to the film

The Asylum Process in Germany - explained in detail

Date 17 November 2014
Order number OEBR02en
type Booklet

One of the most important tasks of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees is checking asylum applications. This brochure explains the individual aspects of the asylum process and provides statistical data.

Learn German – for the future of your family

Date 12 November 2014
type Flyer

Parents' Integration Course for Immigrants

Elternintegrationskurse für Zuwanderinnen und Zuwanderer

The German Asylum Procedure

Date 11 November 2014
Order number OEFY01EN
type Flyer

Any foreigner invoking the right to asylum (asylum seeker) is obliged to pass through a procedure for the recognition of his/her right to asylum as laid down in the Act governing the German Asylum Application Procedure.

Country Factsheet Germany 2013, European Migration Network

Date 22 October 2014
type miscellaneous

This Country Factsheet is based essentially on the Policy Report 2013 and provides a factual overview of the main policy developments in migration and international protection in Germany during 2013, including latest statistics.

Temporary citizens

Date 16 October 2014
type Survey

The seventh volume in the series entitled “Contributions to Migration and Integration” analyses the option scheme in German citizenship law. In her dissertation, the author uses data from the BAMF’s research centre to illustrate the decision-making conduct of the young adults who are affected by this scheme.

Synthesis Report "Migrant access to social security and healthcare: policies and practice"

Date 12 August 2014
type Survey

This synthesis report summarises the main findings of the European Migration Network (EMN) study undertaken by the EMN National Contact Points. The outcomes of this study are primarily intended to inform policymakers, and practitioners.

Synthesis Report "Identification of victims of trafficking in human beings in international protection and forced return procedures"

Date 11 August 2014
type Survey

This Synthesis Report presents the main findings of the Third 2013 EMN Focussed Study. The aim of the Study was to examine whether, and how, potential victims of trafficking in human beings are detected and identified in these procedures in (Member) State.