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Migration Report 2005

Date 22 August 2006
type Migration report

Migration Report 2005 of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees on behalf of the Federal Government. The Federal Government makes the report available to all constitutional bodies as a joint data basis on current migration. It does not contain any evaluations on migratory movements in Germany. The report is drafted once per year. The Migration Report 2005 is out of print and there are no plans to reprint it.

Attendance by Moslem children, in particular by girls, at sport, swimming and sexual instruction at state schools, participation in class trips

Date 8 August 2006
type Expertise

The expert report by Dr. Necla Kelec is based on an analysis of several studies and sources, as well as on her own field research at various schools in Germany.

Older migrants in Germany

Date 8 August 2006
type Expertise

The expert report by Dr. Peter Zeman reflects critically on the research situation concerning older migrants in Germany.

Comparison of the structures of integration promotion

Date 8 August 2006
type Expertise

The expert report by Ines Michalowski compares France, the Netherlands and Sweden with regard to central aspects of integration research.

Integration monitoring – State-of-the-art from an international perspective

Date 8 August 2006
type Expertise

The expert report by Manuel Siegert provides an overview of major data sources on the integration of immigrants, on projects to standardise data at European level, on studies on the development of integration indicators and on existing monitoring systems.

Improving migration statistics

Date 8 August 2006
type Expertise

The expert report by Edda Currle deals with the system of cooperation between the countries Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland used in exchanging the personal data of internal migrants in the Nordic area.

German Policy Report 2005

Date 6 August 2006
type miscellaneous

The Policy Report 2005 of the German National Contact Point provides an overview of the most important political discussions, statutory developments and administrative practice in Germany in the areas of immigration and asylum.

Integration courses – Initial experience and knowledge from a survey of participants

Date 28 July 2006
Order number FFWP05
type Working paper

Working Paper 5/2006 presents the results of a questionnaire among integration course participants which was carried out in 2005 in the Federal Office’s migration and integration research.

Illegally Resident Third-Country Nationals in Germany

Date 31 March 2006
type Survey

The German report for the Research Study 2005 provides a detailed stocktake of the present state of knowledge on the field of topics concerned with “Illegality” in Germany.

Illegally resident third-country nationals in Germany: Policy approaches, profile and social situation

Date 31 March 2006
Order number FFFB02
type Research report

The Research Report of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees – Vol. 2 provides a detailed stocktake of what is currently known on the group of topics related to "illegal residence" in Germany.

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There have been several occasions very recently in which people have pretended to be employees of the Federal Office and asked for an interview at which they questioned asylum applicants intensively. This took place in some cases on the pretext that a second hearing was allegedly needed. Important: The Federal Office does not conduct home visits! These individuals do not work for the Federal Office. The Federal Office has therefore filed criminal charges. If something similar happens to you, or if you observe anything of this nature as a carer, please report this to your local police station.Interviewers from reputable survey institutes who are currently conducting interviews as part of research projects in which data are collected on a voluntary basis clearly state who they are working for. They also give the name of the survey institute and prove this by showing the appropriate documentation. This means that you can make enquiries should you have any doubts.

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