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Reception Systems, their Capacities and the Social Situation of Asylum Applicants within the German Reception System

Date 15 April 2005
type Survey

The Small-Scale Study 1 of the European Migration Network deals with the reception systems for asylum applicants.

German Policy Report 2003/2004 (German)

Date 6 March 2005
type miscellaneous

The Policy Report 2003/2004 of the German National Contact Point provides an overview of the most important political discussions, statutory developments and administrative practice in Germany in the areas of immigration and asylum.

Migration Report 2004

Date 1 December 2004
type Migration report

Report of the Council of Experts for Immigration and Integration commissioned by the Federal Government in cooperation with the european forum for migration studies (efms) at the University of Bamberg

Series of publications on Migration, Refugees and Integration - Vol. 12

Date 1 July 2004
type Series of publications

asylum migration to Europe - documentation of a Federal Office's symposium

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Series of publications on Migration, Refugees and Integration - Vol. 11

Date 1 July 2003
type Series of publications

50 years - The Federal Office through the ages

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