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Figures on the EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is a tool for attracting highly-qualified specialists to the European labour market from third countries. This residence title was introduced in Germany on 1 August 2012. Its legal foundation is provided by section 19a of the Residence Act (AufenthaltsgesetzAufenthG).

8,670 EU Blue Cards were issued in Germany in the first half-year of 2016, up by 17.8 percent compared with the same period of the previous year, when 7,363 Cards were issued. 4,766 (55.0 %) of the Cards issued in first half-year 2016 were to first-timers, i.e. the holders had never held a residence title in Germany before.

The diagram below shows the figures relating to Cards issued to persons entering Germany for the first time, and to those who were already resident in the country, broken down by years.

The diagram shows how many EU Blue Cards were issued in 2013-2016.Since these data are in flux, and are subject to a three-month follow-up period and possible corrections, these figures cannot be added up and compared with stock data. Source: © BAMF|Source: Central Register of Foreigners; all figures are related to third-country nationals.

Where do EU Blue Card holders come from?

The vast majority of applicants in first half-year of 2016 came from India (22.1 %), China (8.7 %), the Russian Federation (7.9 %), Ukraine (5.3 %) and Syria (4.7 %).

A pie chart shows the breakdown of EU Blue Card recipients and their nationalities.Source: © BAMF|Source: Central Register of Foreigners cut-off date: 30 September 2016

Where is Germany in a European comparison?

Germany leads the field among all EU countries when it comes to issuing EU Blue Cards. Germany issued 85.5 percent of all EU Blue Cards that were granted EU-wide in 2015. France and Poland took second and third place, respectively.

A pie chart shows which EU countries issue what shares of EU Blue Cards.Source: © BAMF|Source: Eurostat 2015

Where do the figures come from?

The above figures on the EU Blue Card in Germany come from an evaluation of the Central Register of Foreigners. These are personal data, and not statistics on Cards issued pure and simple. The figures on Cards issued relating to different periods cannot be added up and compared with stock figures.

You will also find further information and statistics on the topic of labour migration in general, and on the EU Blue Card in particular, in the Migration Monitor (follow the link in the right-hand column).

Date 30 November 2016

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