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Voluntary return with REAG/GARP

With the REAG/GARP humanitarian promotional programme, the Federation and the Länder are supporting people who return to their country of origin voluntarily or who migrate on to a state which is willing to receive them. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) organises and manages their departure via both promotional programmes.

Voluntary departure

The diagram below shows the number of voluntary departures which have been promoted with the REAG/GARP Programme since 1990.

Voluntary departure with REAG/GARP promotion since 1990Click on the image to enlarge the diagram. Source: Figure: BAMF| Figures: IOM (*figures for 2016 reflect approved applications) Version: January 2017

The large numbers of departures from 1997 to 2000 are a result of the ending of the Balkans conflicts (collapse of the State of Yugoslavia).

The most common return countries in 2016

The diagram below shows the return countries (also known as destination countries) and how many people had returned there by the end of 2016.

The diagram shows the return countries (home countries) and how many people returned to them in 2016.Click on the image to enlarge the diagram. Source: Diagram: BAMF| Figures: IOM

54,069 individuals were permitted to leave in 2016 via REAG/GARP. 35,514 people departed via the Federation-Länder assisted returns programme in the whole of the previous year 2015.

Voluntary departure with REAG/GARP promotion since 2005Click on the image to enlarge the diagram. Source: Figure: BAMF| Figures: IOM figures for 2016 reflect approved applications Version: January 2017

Latest developments

The number of approved departures to the vWEB countries and to Kosovo remains high. The increase in voluntary departures to Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran makes their percentage of overall departures smaller.

Destination country201420152016 (approvals)
Bosnia & Herzegovina1,2511,7051,450

Voluntary departures to Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq made up a large share of approved applications up to the end of September 2016.

Destination country 201420152016 (approvals)

The numbers of departures only account for individuals who received support via the REAG/GARP Programme. Many of them were (needy) people who were no longer entitled to live in Germany (such as asylum-seekers whose applications had been turned down and individuals whose deportation had been suspended), or persons entitled to remain who returned voluntarily (e.g. successful asylum applicants and individuals with a residence permit issued under international law or for humanitarian reasons).
You can obtain more information on the REAG/GARP promotional programme or figures on other migration movements collected by the Federal Statistical Office by clicking on the links in the right-hand column.

Date 7 March 2017

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