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Freedom of movement monitoring

The freedom of movement monitor of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, which appears on a quarterly basis, reports on the latest developments concerning the immigration and emigration of Union citizens to and from Germany. In support of this task, appropriate evaluations are carried out from the Central Register of Foreigners (Ausländerzentralregister - AZR), which is operated at nationwide level.

Almost 90 % of new immigrants from the EU are of working age, i.e. between 15 and 64. It is however not possible to make any statements here concerning their participation in the labour market since the Register does not collect this kind of information in relation to Union citizens.

As well as simply providing an illustration broken down according to the individual EU nationalities, this freedom of movement monitoring particularly focuses on the latest developments in the immigration and emigration of foreign nationals

  • from the “EU 8 states” (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary), to which full freedom of movement has been applicable since 1 May 2011,
  • from the “EU 2 states” (Romania and Bulgaria) to which limited freedom of movement was applicable until 31 December 2013, as well as
  • from Croatia, which acceded to the EU as per 1 July 2013; workers from this country have enjoyed full freedom of movement since 1 July 2015, and
  • from the four Southern European EU States Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, which were particularly badly affected by the financial and economic crisis; workers from these countries have enjoyed full freedom of movement for a long time.
  • This report concludes with an overview of the number of EU nationals living in Germany.

The freedom of movement monitor is only available in German.

Date 8 July 2016

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