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Migration monitoring: Migration to Germany

The brochure entitled “Wanderungsmonitoring: Erwerbsmigration nach Deutschland” (Migration monitoring: labour migration to Germany) starts by providing an overview of current developments with regard to newly-arrived foreign nationals in Germany (Chapter 1). It is not possible to distinguish between purposes of residence when it comes to EU citizens, as they do not require a residence title. Immigration by third-country nationals, in contrast, is observed in a more differentiated manner. To this end, the residence titles that are issued by the local immigration authorities (residence and settlement permits, as well as EU Blue Cards that have been issued) are stored in a set of statistics relating to individuals (Chapter 2). The statistics (in Chapter 3) reveal how many third-country nationals have changed their residence title in connection with their economic activity. Because of the particular relevance, Chapter 4 furthermore explores the number of holders of the EU Blue Card currently resident in Germany in greater detail.

As immigration by EU nationals results in a major potential in terms of labour (according to the Central Register of Foreigners, almost 90 % of current EU immigrants are of working age, i.e. between 15 and 64), the Federal Office’s brochure entitled “Freizügigkeitsmonitoring: Migration von EU-Bürgern nach Deutschland” (Freedom of movement monitoring: migration by EU citizens to Germany) appears parallel to this report. This brochure provides a detailed presentation of the figures contained in the Central Register of Foreigners regarding the immigration and emigration of EU citizens during the period under report.

In accordance with section 75 No. 1 of the German Residence Act (Aufenthaltsgesetz - AufenthG), it is the task of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to coordinate information on residence for the purpose of pursuing an economic activity between the immigration authorities, the Federal Employment Agency and the German diplomatic missions abroad that are authorised by the Federal Foreign Office to deal with matters pertaining to passports and visas.

The migration monitor is only available in German.

Date 8 July 2016

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