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Statistical data are the information tool of a modern knowledge-based society. They provide information about socio-political, economic and political developments, reveal connections and allow conclusions to be drawn about various issues.

These data help to identify trends. Statistical information serves as the basis for decision-making and for monitoring decisions that have already been made.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees makes statistical information on the subjects of asylum, migration and integration available as downloads on its webpages.

The Federal Office as a supplier of data for European statistics

The Federal Office was awarded the status of a national data supplier for the European Commission (Eurostat) by means of a regulation in 2008. The regulation gave rise to expanded obligations incumbent on the Federal Office to provide statistics in the fields of asylum (Article 4) and residence of third-country nationals (Article 6).

It is thus intended to improve the overall recording of statistical information relating to migration-specific topics, and particularly to make the statistics comparable at international level.

You will find links to the abovementioned EU regulation, as well as to Eurostat's online database, in the right-hand column of the German-language version of this article.

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The Federal Office has been informed that individuals are once more being threatened by anonymous callers. The callers claim to be employees of the Federal Office and threaten deportation unless a specific sum of money is paid. Please be aware that such calls are not made by the federal office. For your safety: Please try not to give or confirm any personal details when you receive such a call. Never pay money to blackmailers.


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