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In this section you will find all the publications, studies and information material that have been published by the Federal Office.

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The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees makes statistical information on the subjects of asylum, migration and integration available on its webpages.

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Artikel 16a Grundgesetz

Legal bases

You can find an overview of important acts, guidelines, ordinances and other legal documents here.

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Teilnehmer eines Integrationskurses

Information for integration course organisers

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees commissions private and public providers to run integration courses. You can find out here what course providers must bear in mind in their daily work.

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Zwei Schüler im Integrationskurs mit Lehrerin

Information for Teachers

Are you interested in registering as a teacher on integration courses or in the additional qualification? You can find out everything you need to know here.

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Eine Lerngruppe

ESF-BAMF programme - Information for institutions

The ESF-BAMF programme offers people with an immigrant background work-related linguistic and technical further qualifications, thereby helping them to integrate into the primary labour market.

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Lehrer schreibt das Wort "Integrationsprojekt" an eine Tafel

Information for project-organising institutions

Project support is focused locally where there is a need for action. It contributes towards putting integration processes in train or finding solutions to problems in cases where there are obstacles to integration.

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Information for migration advice institutions

The provision of migration advice to adult immigrants is an independent migration-specific basic service. It is provided for a specific period of time and is based around the individual’s particular needs.

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Bücher zu verschiedenen Ländern

Information service

Looking for information in one of the Federal Office's databases or information systems? All of the accessible databases and portals can be found here.

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