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Citizens of third countries

If you are a citizen of a "third country", that is you are neither a national of a Member State of the European Union nor of the European Economic Area or of Switzerland, and would like to remain in Germany permanently, you therefore need a permit, the "residence title" (see brochure entitled "Studying and Working in Germany", pages 7 et seqq.).

If you would like to work in Germany, you need a residence title which permits you to work, that is a residence title for the purpose of employment (these titles are listed in sections 18-21 of the Residence Act [Aufenthaltsgesetz - AufenthG]). You will find detailed information in the information box in the right-hand column on the rules relating to entering Germany, if you are still abroad, or on the steps that you need to take if you are already in Germany. In order to obtain a residence title, you need first and foremost to satisfy general preconditions. This means amongst other things that you need to have a passport and a secure livelihood during your stay, and no valid grounds for deportation may apply. The purpose of your intended stay and your training as well as your specific qualifications determine exactly which residence title you qualify for.

Date 23 May 2013

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Fraud Phone Calls!

The Federal Office has been informed that individuals are once more being threatened by anonymous callers. The callers claim to be employees of the Federal Office and threaten deportation unless a specific sum of money is paid. Please be aware that such calls are not made by the federal office. For your safety: Please try not to give or confirm any personal details when you receive such a call. Never pay money to blackmailers.


Fraud Phone Calls