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The distribution of asylum applicants

Asylum-seekers are allocated to a specific initial aid facility. This "distribution" is based on several criteria and is established with the help of the EASY system.

"Distribution" means that, on the basis of certain criteria, asylum-seekers are allocated to an initial help facility, which is then responsible for them. Before the distribution can begin, the foreign national must register as an asylum-seeker. There are two ways to do this.

Applying for asylum at the border or in the country itself

This first possibility is that a foreign national registers as an asylum-seeker on entry to the country. To do this, he contacts the border authorities who will then direct him to the nearest initial reception facility. This does not apply however if he is denied entry, perhaps because he has arrived from a safe third country. The second option is for a foreign national to declare himself as an asylum-seeker once he has entered the country. In this case, too, he will be directed to the nearest initial reception facility.

The EASY distribution system

The "distribution" takes place in the next step, i.e. allocating applicants to the initial reception facility that will be responsible for them. This is done with the aid of the EASY system, which manages distribution throughout the country. If the asylum-seeker is not already registered with the facility responsible for him, he must go to the one allocated to him. He then submits his asylum application in the branch office of the Federal Office allocated to this initial reception facility.

"Königsteiner Schlüssel"

Allocation to an initial reception facility depends on the capacity currently available. Consideration is also given to which branch office of the Federal Office deals with the asylum-seeker's home country, given that not all the branch offices deal with all countries of origin. In addition, there are acceptance quotas for the individual Federal Länder: These define what percentage of asylum applicants each Federal Land is obliged to take, and are defined according to the "Königstein Forumula". It is calculated each year according to the tax receipts and population numbers of the Länder.

The distribution quotas for 2015 are as follows:

Federal LänderQuota
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania2.04165%
Lower Saxony9.35696%
North Rhine-Westphalia21.24052%
Date 1 January 2015