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Return counselling centres

Prospective returnees can turn to an independent return counselling centre with their questions at any time. Return counselling is the responsibility of the Federal Länder, and is provided by independent welfare organisations in most cases.

Prospective returnees can speak in confidence with these organisations and obtain information there as to what their opportunities and prospects are, as well as on return programmes supporting them should they return to their country of origin and in reintegration. It has no impact on the outcome of the asylum procedure if return counselling is taken up.

Hervorhebung_Beratung_en: Return counselling centres near you

Prospective returnees can find the closest return counselling centre to them via Geo-Information System (Web-GIS).

The Länder already offer return counselling on the spot in some of the Federal Office’s arrival centres. The Federal Office supports all the Federal Länder and return counselling centres, and provides them with information on return programmes and countries of origin, bundled in the ZIRF database.

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