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Integrated return management

Political and operative linking of all aspects of an effective, humane policy on returns

The Federal Republic of Germany considers an effective, humane policy on returns to constitute an efficient as well as tried-and-tested management tool within migration policy. The approach that has been adopted, namely one of holistic “Integrated Return Management”, is a particular focus here. Greater attention is therefore being given to linking voluntary and forced return, combined with reintegration activities for those who are obliged to leave the country.

Responsibilities in policy on returns (the law applicable to returns, their practical implementation and enforcement) are exercised by a large number of different players in Germany, both at Federal and at Land and local authority level. Departmental responsibility for the various fields within returns – voluntary return, removal and reintegration – may differ from one Land to another. Reality shows here that, as a result of these different responsibilities, it is not always possible to ensure that individual cases are dealt with in a uniform manner. It is however in the interest both of the person who is obliged to leave, and of the authorities, to guarantee a uniform, transparent, humane return procedure.

On the basis of the Joint Declaration of the Ministers and Senators of the Interior on the Challenges posed by Policy on Refugees (17 October 2014), a Federation-Länder Coordination Agency for Integrated Return Management (Bund-Länder-Koordinierungsstelle Integriertes Rückkehrmanagement (BLK-IRM)) was therefore set up for the first time at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in December 2014.

A variety of players and practitioners from the Federation, the Länder and the local authorities work together under the umbrella of the BLK-IRM in several sub-working parties in the fields of voluntary return, forced return, transfers within the Dublin procedure, and reintegration. They hence create practical solutions which are implemented jointly within a coherent policy on returns.

The BLK-IRM regularly reports to the Conference of Ministers of the Interior of the Länder on its activities and results. The first brief report is available for download in the right-hand column.

Date 28 November 2016

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