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The application

An application is necessary for ERIN reintegration benefits (see at Download in the right-hand column), which needs to be signed by the returnee (applicant). The application must include identification documents (e.g. passport, travel documents, residence permit).

The application and the identity documents should be scanned in and sent to the e-mail address stipulated in the form (they may also be faxed or sent as a hardcopy).

You will find the application form, as well as procedural information, at Downloads (in the right-hand column), along with a project profile which contains further information on the ERIN project.

Other information

ERIN supports reintegration following a return. Costs incurred in preparing for departure (e.g. counselling sessions, travel expenses for procuring travel documents) are not eligible for funding.

If returnees cannot finance their departure costs themselves, there is another funding option available via the humanitarian REAG/GARP returnee programme, in addition to the ERIN benefits. The REAG/GARP funding conditions, which are set annually, apply to the application procedure (see "REAG/GARP promotional programme").

You can make further enquiries via the Contact box (right-hand column).

Date 21 November 2016

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