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Awards for the "URA" project

The picture shows a black picture frame with decorations, in which a picture of Mother Teresa and URA, the name of the project, are to be seen.Mother Teresa Prize for the project URA 2 Source: BAMF | 212

The "URA" return project was awarded the Mother Teresa Prize in October 2010. This is a prize awarded by the President of Kosovo for services rendered to the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. It was awarded for the first time on the centenary of Mother Teresa's birth to ten organisations and people who had given support to the Republic of Kosovo during and after the war.

Two years later, jointly with organisations such as NATO and the UN, the URA project received an "award for the support of the Kosovan people".

Two stone tablets to honour the organisations were dedicated in the capital city, Pristina, by Memli Krasniqi, the Minister for Education, Science and Technology on 12 June 2012.

The following words are engraved on the stone tablets: "Expressing our appreciation and gratitude for your human act by protecting and supporting the people of Kosova, and the universal values of civilization and humanity in the years 1990–2012".

Date 20 January 2014

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