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The ERIN reintegration programme

ERIN (European Reintegration Network) is a joint return and reintegration programme involving seven European partner states which is co-funded by the European Asylum and Migration Fund.

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The Kosovo URA return project

The "URA" project offers Kosovan returnees comprehensive advisory services and numerous reintegration and support activities. The aim is to enable people to sustainably reintegrate into their former home country. Note: The return centre in Pristina won’t be available on the following dates: 27 Dec 16 till 03 Jan 17 and 07 Jan till 09 Jan 17.

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2016 Annual Report of the Research Centre

The Annual Report provides an overview of the major topics dealt with in the work of the Migration, Integration and Asylum Research Centre in 2016. A new series of publications was established in the shape of the BAMF’s Brief analyses.


Jahresbericht 2016 des Forschungszentrums Migration, Integration und Asyl