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The procedure

Departure and benefits must be applied for before leaving the federal republic. Counselling centres can help with the application and preparing the return.


Return counselling centres provide comprehensive advice on preparing and organising a departure/return. The ZIRF database contains an overview of the counselling centres closest to where you live (searchable by entering the name of your town or your postcode).

The application

REAG/GARP assistance is subject to application.
The application (see "Where to apply") should include, amongst other things

  • personal details/information on family members,
  • written undertaking to depart voluntarily,
  • written undertaking not to enter Germany at any time in the future.

The application must be personally signed by all adults!

Furthermore, any appeals pending with authorities and administrative courts (e.g. measures relating to a right of residence) must be legally ineffective when the application is submitted.

Where to apply

Applications for REAG/GARP support are accepted by

  • local and Länder authorities (e.g. immigration authorities, social welfare offices),
  • specialist counselling centres, welfare organisation (Sozialamt), central return counselling centres,
  • the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR),

from where the applications are forwarded to the IOM. The IOM will then contact the applicant.

Data protection

Personal information and documents must be provided in order to receive assistance.
The privacy rules will be observed in full (no disclosure of data to external agencies).

Special programme for persons leaving at their own expense (SMAP)

The IOM can organize flights and special air ticket prices for persons not benefiting from REAG/GARP assistance by means of the SMAP (Special Migrants Assistance Programme). This applies in particular to onward migration to the USA, Canada and Australia.

A funding agency may also contribute towards the expenses (e.g. social welfare office, welfare organisation "Sozialamt").

Date 28 November 2016

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