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Supporting voluntary repatriation is an important part of German foreign policy. It takes priority over forcing people to return and enables a stay in Germany by a person obliged to leave the country to be terminated without conflict.

Voluntary repatriation offers a humane, sustainable and safe alternative for those returning to the home country. It is based on an informed and freely made decision by those interested in returning to their home countries. It therefore offers an opportunity to be offered to persons legally obliged to leave and also to people who wish to return to their home countries for other reasons. This policy aims to ensure that the returnees are safe in their home countries and this continues to be a lasting solution for their situation.

Voluntary repatriation is not explicitly regulated by law. It is defined only in the Residence Act (§75 no. 7 AufenthG) as being the responsibility of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

There is no legal right to financial or any other support for people returning to their home country voluntarily.

Date 18 January 2011

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