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Return and Reintegration Coordination Agency

Migration policy also includes policy on returns and reintegration. German policy on returns aims to facilitate long-term reintegration in the home country. Integrated return management, providing advice, support on leaving the country, skill-building and follow-up care in the home country, set the stage for a successful return and for building up a livelihood.

Large numbers of organisations support persons who are willing to return by providing advisory services, assistance in leaving the country and follow-up care in their home countries. Germany (REAG/GARP) and the European Union (European Return Fund) have been supporting return projects for many years, and have achieved considerable success.

The further development of German policy on returns provides for networking the players even more closer and for interlocking activities for returnees. The Return and Reintegration Coordination Agency at the Federal Office coordinates this process and brings about a coordinated line of return within the various levels (the Federation, the Länder, local authorities and non-governmental organisations). These activities focus on the following measures:

  • tighter coordination of the voluntary return programmes of the Federation, the Länder, local authorities and non-governmental organisations at national level,
  • expansion of the network of governmental and non-governmental players,
  • enhancing reintegration by interlocking German development cooperation projects,
  • processing of information on national and European promotional programmes,
  • initiation of new projects and planning of funding systems for European and national subsidies, and
  • evaluation of return and reintegration activities.

Date 1 June 2012