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The Kosovo URA 2 return project

The "URA 2" offers Kosovan returnees comprehensive advisory services and numerous programmes to help and support their reintegration. The aim is to facilitate long-lasting reintegration in their former homeland.

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The project “URA 2” is temporary on an annual basis. Currently, it runs until 31st December 2016. After the expiration of this period the project will be extended for another year.”

General information about "URA 2"

"URA 2" is the follow-up project to a project for returnees that was supported by the European Commission. It ran from January 2006 to October 2008 and provided support for Kosovan returnees integrating back into their home country.

The "URA 2" has been been running since January 2009 and is supported on a purely national basis. In addition, building on the first project, the German Federal Government and the Federal Länder Baden-Württemberg, Lower Saxony, Norht Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia have joined together with the aim of facilitating the reintegration of people returning to the Republic of Kosovo and of further improving the management of returnees as a whole.

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If you are thinking of returning to your home area in Kosovo and require further information about "URA 2", please contact the Federal Office direct or our returnees’ centre in Pristina.

Our staff will be happy to explain the offers in detail. The returnees' centre in Pristina is your contact point and you can apply for support programmes there.

Please direct press queries about the URA 2 project to the Federal Office's press office.

Date 20 January 2014
Auf dem Foto sieht man eine vierköpfige Familie mit zwei Kindern, die sich im Büro einer Mitarbeiterin von "URA 2" beraten lassen.

Support services

Returnees currently living in the German Federal Länder participating in the project are eligible for emergency financial aid, and can participate in reintegration programmes for employment support and establishing their own businesses.

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Abgebildet ist eine 1,50 Meter große Steintafel, auf der unter der Flagge der Republik Kosovo die Namen der ausgezeichneten Organisationen und Personen aufgeführt sind. Der Name des Projektes URA ist in der Mitte der Steintafel eingeprägt.

Highlights and recognition

The project has continued to develop successfully since its inception and has already been honoured with two awards by the Republic of Kosovo. The project has been further recognised by the participation of France in "URA 2".

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Additional Information

Flyer "Kosovo Return Project URA 2"

This project flyer provides information on the return project URA 2 and is available in German, Albanian, Serbian, English and French.

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Any questions? Please contact us!

Return Centre "URA 2 - The Bridge"

Rr. Mark Isaku Nr. 24
10000 Prishtina
Republic of Kosova
Telephone: 00381 (0) 3822 3770 / -3772
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