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The Kosovo URA 2 return project

Local support: The "URA 2" staff inPrištinaLocal support: The "URA 2" staff inPriština Source: BAMF (212)

The "URA 2" project offers Kosovan returnees comprehensive advisory services and numerous reintegration and support activities. The aim is to enable people to sustainably reintegrate into their former home country.

The "URA 2" project thus provides free, comprehensive social counselling, as well as psychological care where it is needed.

A personal interview will be held in order to determine the individual requirements, together with the counsellor, to enable the return (be it voluntary or forced) and the related reintegration into the country of origin on a holistic basis.

Support available for returnees:

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A decision will be made on services which go beyond social counselling individually and depending on individual needs or particular vulnerabilities.

There is no legal entitlement to the support that is offered.

Immediate assistance can include the following (where necessary):

  • free social counselling/work placement
  • partial reimbursement of travel costs to the centre,
  • one-off payment of an interim benefit,
  • one-off reimbursement of treatment costs and the cost of medicines, and
  • monthly rent support.

The reintegration measures can includethe following (where appropriate):

  • one-off reimbursement of training costs for language courses,
  • provision of basic school materials (benefits in kind),
  • tutoring for school-age children and juveniles,
  • contribution towards training costs for theoretical and practical vocational further training,
  • contribution towards living expenses during training, and
  • job placement/job-creation measures.

The following one-off payments can be granted to support starting up a business, contingent on the return having been voluntary:

  • training costs,
  • financial training support, and
  • start-up payment for promising business ideas.

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Financial support benefits are limited and can only be used by returnees in the following Federal Länder:

  • Baden-Württemberg,
  • Lower Saxony,
  • North Rhine-Westphalia,
  • Saxony,
  • Saxony-Anhalt,
  • Thuringia (only voluntary),
  • Berlin, and
  • Bremen

until 31 December 2016.

This applies to returnees who have lived in the Federal Republic of Germany for at least six months before returning.
Applications for support benefits can only be submitted at the Returnees’ Centre in Priština.

The individual support needs are assessed at personal counselling sessions.

The "URA 2" project is operated on a year-by-year basis, currently runing until 31 December 2016. Once this period has come to an end, the project will be extended for another year.

Contact details

If you are thinking of returning to your home region in Kosovo and would like to receive further information about "URA 2", please contact the Federal Office or our returnees’ centre in Priština directly.

Local support: The "URA 2" staff inPrištinaLocal support: The "URA 2" staff inPriština Source: BAMF (212)

Applications for support benefits can only be submitted at the Returnees’ Centre in Priština.

The centre is open to the public from Tuesday to Thursday from 9 to 11.30 a.m. and from 12.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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The following documentation is needed for the application
  • school certificate from Germany for children who are still minors,
  • birth certificates for any children who were born in Germany, and
  • documents on the asylum procedure such as the asylum-seeker registration certificate (abbreviated to "BÜMA") or the proof of arrival.

Date 22 June 2016

Additional Information

FAQ: Assisted returns

People whose asylum application in Germany has been turned down may opt to return voluntarily. This is an alternative to forced return. Asylum-seekers whose asylum proceedings have not yet been concluded may also return to their country of origin voluntarily. These FAQs indicate what needs to be taken into account, what the advantages of voluntary return are and what promotional programmes and advice are on offer.

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Contacts and addresses

You will find useful information here

For further information see the indicated addresses or the link “important contacts” at the end of the list.

Return Centre "URA 2 - The Bridge"

Rr. Mark Isaku Nr. 24
10000 Prishtina
Republic of Kosova
Telephone: 00381 (0) 3822 3770 / -3772
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