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Coordination Agency for Integrated Return Management

The Federal Republic of Germany considers an effective, humane policy on returns to constitute an efficient as well as tried-and-tested management tool within migration policy.

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REAG/GARP support programme

With the humanitarian REAG/GARP support programme, the Federal Government and Länder provide assistance to persons in voluntarily returning to their country of origin or in onward migration to a state that is willing to receive them.

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ZIRF - Individual counselling on returns

The counselling services of the Information Centre for Voluntary Return (ZIRF) provide country fact sheets and answers to individual enquiries of those interested in returning.

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The ERIN programm

ERIN (European Reintegration Instrument Network) is a joint return and reintegration programme involving large numbers of European partner states.

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Das Wort Kosoca steht über einer Brücke, in jedem Bogen steht ein Buchstabe. Diese zusammen bilden das Wort URA

The Kosovo URA 2 return project

The "URA 2" project offers Kosovan returnees comprehensive advisory services and numerous reintegration and support activities. The aim is to enable people to sustainably reintegrate into their former home country.

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Additional Information

FAQ: Assisted returns

People whose asylum application in Germany has been turned down may opt to return voluntarily. This is an alternative to forced return. Asylum-seekers whose asylum proceedings have not yet been concluded may also return to their country of origin voluntarily. These FAQs indicate what needs to be taken into account, what the advantages of voluntary return are and what promotional programmes and advice are on offer.

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