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Migration, Integration, Asylum - Policy Report 2014

Date 20 July 2015
type report

The 2014 Policy Report of the German National Contact Point for the European Migration Network (EMN) provides an overview of the most important political discussions and developments in the areas of migration, integration and asylum in the Federal Republic of Germany in the year 2014.

EMN Bulletin Nr. 11

Date 13 July 2015
type report

A Report from the European Migration Network (EMN) for the period March 2015 to May 2015 and is only available in English.

Mobility Rules for Investors, Business Owners and other Business People in Germany.

Date 10 July 2015
type Working paper

Working Paper 61 deals with fundamental mobility rules for investors and self-employed people and with residence preconditions for the foundation respectively management of a company.

EMN-Synthesis Report "Admitting third-country nationals for business purposes"

Date 10 July 2015
type Survey

This EMN Synthesis Report was prepared on the basis of National Contributions from 24 EMN National Contact Points according to the theme "Admitting third-country nationals for business purposes".

List of approved research facilities

Date 30 June 2015
type list

Name and adress of approved research facilities are published in the "Liste der anerkannten Forschungseinrichtungen".

Statistical Annex 2014

Date 19 June 2015
type statistics

The Statistical Annex to the Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum adds quantitative information to the above mentioned policy areas. The report is based on contributions by the National Contact Points for the EMN.

Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum 2014

Date 19 June 2015
type report

The report describes developments in the EU and its Member States in the area of asylum and immigration policies in 2014.

International comparison of skilled labour immigration

Date 18 June 2015
Order number FFWP62
type miscellaneous

Working Paper 62 compares the approaches taken by eight OECD countries with the aim of ensuring the availability of skilled labour. Both residence law and labour market policy aspects in the individual countries are analysed.

The main results of Working Paper 62 you will find here.

Information Leaflet

Date 16 June 2015
type Informationsblatt

Information Leaflet

Newsletter Pakistan

Date 8 June 2015
type newsletter