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Learn German – for the future of your family

Date 16 February 2017
type Flyer

Parents' Integration Course for Immigrants

Elternintegrationskurse für Zuwanderinnen und Zuwanderer

List of approved research facilities

Date 13 February 2017
type list

Name and adress of approved research facilities are published in the "Liste der anerkannten Forschungseinrichtungen".

Family Reunification of third-country nationals in Germany

Date 3 February 2017
Order number FFWP73
type Survey

The study provides an overview of the legal stipulations, the scope and the challenges of the family reunification of third-country nationals with third-country nationals living in Germany.

Application Start-up cash Plus 2017

Date 1 February 2017
type application

How to: Learn German quickly and successfully

Date 24 January 2017
Order number FFWP72
type Working paper

The study serves to round off the research project entitled "Explaining differences in second language acquisition", and presents relevant factors influencing second language acquisition, which are put to the test in empirical terms in a secondary data analysis carried out by the BAMF’s integration panel.

Leaflet on the Integration Course - 630.121c

Date 18 January 2017
type bulletin

Leaflet on the Integration Course for asylum seekers with a residence permit, foreigners tolerated and foreigners with a residence permit.

Call for tender ERIN specific actions

Date 16 January 2017
type application