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Information guide on the interview for asylum applicants

Date 27 July 2017
type miscellaneous

This new information guide is sent to asylum applicants in the relevant language version along with the invitation letter to attend their interview appointment. It provides important information on the interview itself, as well as regarding organisational matters that need to be addressed in the run-up to the interview and on the interview day itself.

Brochure: Information on the Asylum Procedure. Your rights and obligations.

Date 27 July 2017
type Booklet

This brochure provides information to asylum applicants as to what rights and obligations they have in the asylum procedure. It serves to accompany the film of the same name and also contains a personal "checklist" for applicants.

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Date 19 July 2017
type application

Refugee women in Germany: language, education and employment

Date 4 July 2017
type brief analysis

The BAMF’s Research Centre has presented a new brief analysis of the situation facing refugee women in Germany, linking research findings  with data obtained from administrative statistics. The results reveal that refugee women are highly motivated when it comes to participation in society, but that they need special support because of "initial disadvantages".

Care services for elderly Muslims

Date 4 July 2017
Order number FFWP75
type Working paper

The study addresses the topic of care services for elderly Muslims in Germany, a field in which there had previously been virtually no research. The evaluation of the quantitative data from the survey show how Muslim women and men perceive and assess the topic of long-term care in old age.

Flyer "Return an reintegration Kosovo"

Date 3 July 2017
type Flyer

This project flyer provides information on the reintegrationprojekt URA and is available in German, Albanian, Serbian, English and French.

List of approved research facilities

Date 20 June 2017
type list

Name and adress of approved research facilities are published in the "Liste der anerkannten Forschungseinrichtungen".

EMN Synthesis Report "Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum 2016"

Date 16 June 2017
type report

The EMN Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum 2016 provides an overview of the main legal and policy developments in the policy areas of migration and asylum taking place at EU level and within participating countries.

Migration, Integration, Asylum - Policy Report 2016

Date 16 June 2017
type report

The 2016 Policy Report of the German National Contact Point for the European Migration Network (EMN) gives an overview over the most important political discussions and developments in the areas of migration, integration and asylum in the Federal Republic of Germany in the year 2016.

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Fraud Phone Calls!

The Federal Office has been informed that individuals are once more being threatened by anonymous callers. The callers claim to be employees of the Federal Office and threaten deportation unless a specific sum of money is paid. Please be aware that such calls are not made by the federal office. For your safety: Please try not to give or confirm any personal details when you receive such a call. Never pay money to blackmailers.


Fraud Phone Calls