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Candidate registration form for the orientation course test for external course participants who do not have a certificate of entitlement – 630.061

Date 28 April 2009
type form

External candidates who do not have a certificate of entitlement should use this application form to register for the orientation course test.

Registration orientation course test - 630.060

Date 28 April 2009
type form

Course providers should use this form to register for the test for the orientation course test.

Annual Policy Report 2007 - Synthesis Report

Date 21 April 2009
type miscellaneous

EMN National Contact Points from Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom have each produced a National Report detailing their developments in the field of migration and asylum in 2007.

EU-Ius-News 03/2009

Date 15 April 2009
type EU Ius news

The issue focuses on the elections to the European Parliament.

From the content:

  • European Court of Justice on the binding force of EC regulations
  • Federal Administrative Court on refugee protection on the grounds of religious persecution
  • European Migration Network: Introduction of the German network partner, the Migration Research Group at the
    Hamburg Institute of International Economics

List of establishments offering an additional qualification (as at 30th March 2009)

Date 30 March 2009
type list

This list shows the institutions at which teaching staff can acquire an additional qualification.

Using the multilingualism of people with an immigrant background

Date 18 March 2009
type Expertise

Which areas of working life are potentially areas in which employees from an immigrant background could put their multilingualism to good use and how can this potential be tapped into? These were the questions examined by researchers from Hamburg University in a study commissioned by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

EU-Ius-News 02/2009

Date 10 March 2009
type EU Ius news

The issue focuses on the cornerstones of a proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the establishment of a European Asylum Support Office presented by the European Commission on 18 February 2009.

From the content:

  • Meeting of the Council "Justice and Home Affairs" in Brussels on 26 February 2009
  • European Parliament approves proposal for a directive on illegal employment
  • European Migration Network: Key activities of the EMN in 2009

New edition of the "Programme for a nationwide integration course"

Date 10 March 2009
type miscellaneous

Since integration courses were introduced on 1 January 2005, the programme for a nationwide integration course has given course providers and teaching staff a basis on which to base the form and content of their training. This programme was developed with the close involvement of experts from the field and academics. It was completely overhauled for the first time in 2008. Changes included the descriptions of the assessment system, the option of repeating courses and the standardised test procedures, which were introduced in 2009. The December 2008 version will apply from now on. An English version of the programme is also available to download.

New edition of the "Programme for a nationwide integration course"

Date 10 March 2009
type miscellaneous

The programme forms the basis for teaching the general integration course and has now been launched in a revised version dated December 2008. Amendments to the Ordinance on Integration Courses adopted on 8 December 2007 made it necessary to revise the document. Up-to-date versions of the brochures in German and English will be available from the Federal Office shortly. This document is available in english and german but it is not barrier-free.

Chart overview of integration course

Date 20 February 2009
type graphic

This overview shows the aims, schedule and organisation of integration courses using charts. This document is only available in german and not barrier-free.

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There have been several occasions very recently in which people have pretended to be employees of the Federal Office and asked for an interview at which they questioned asylum applicants intensively. This took place in some cases on the pretext that a second hearing was allegedly needed. Important: The Federal Office does not conduct home visits! These individuals do not work for the Federal Office. The Federal Office has therefore filed criminal charges. If something similar happens to you, or if you observe anything of this nature as a carer, please report this to your local police station.Interviewers from reputable survey institutes who are currently conducting interviews as part of research projects in which data are collected on a voluntary basis clearly state who they are working for. They also give the name of the survey institute and prove this by showing the appropriate documentation. This means that you can make enquiries should you have any doubts.

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